National Park

The Sallandse Heuvelrug between Hellendoorn and Holten is an area with panoramic views that are not typically Dutch, across expansive and undulating heathland and sprawling forests. The landscape was formed in the distant past, by sliding ice, meltwater and drifting sand. Humans also left their traces; the earliest signs of life are from five thousand years ago.

The last few centuries in particular have shaped the landscape into the way it looks today. Sand drifts, caused by overgrazing of the heathland, were curbed by afforestation at the start of the last century. But even today, humans put their stamp on the area: however, nowadays the intention is to preserve the landscape and the animals and plants that are part of it.

What is a National Park?

National Parks have been established across the world to protect large areas of nature. In the Netherlands, 20 areas are currently designated as national parks. They are the representatives of Dutch nature, as it were. Nature conservation is key, but the national parks also focus on nature-based recreation, communication and education & research. Part of the Sallandse Heuvelrug, south of the N35, is designated as National Park. It was given this status because it is a valuable area and as such, deserves extra protection.

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