Nature education

We now have various educational resources for schools. Please contact us for more information.


Let’s go on a School Safari: nature education in the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park offers a comprehensive and varied range of nature activities for all primary school classes.

To achieve this, the collaboration partner in the National Park have compiled a range of educational activities. These resources are aimed at primary schools and offers something for everyone (from nursery to year 6), including GPS routes, educational trunks and tours of discovery. The range is specifically aimed at plants and animals that grow and live in this area, as well as cultural history. The activities are aligned with the core objectives for primary education. Download the brochure is here>>>

Primary education

Nursery and Reception: Joep de Eekhoorn (Squirrel) play forest route (Nijverdal) and Mies de Specht (Woodpecker) play forest route year 1 and year 2: Joep makes a journey (Nijverdal) year 3 and year 4: Under development... year 5 and year 6: A search for Palthe (Haarle) and Twilhaar Detectives (Nijverdal)

There are plenty of other great educational programmes, Such as Natuurwijs (Nature Wise), an educational programme by the Dutch Forest Management Agency, and the educational options at the Nature Museum in Holten. There are options for secondary education too. For example: the Jongeren Adviesbureau (Young People’s Advisory Centre), a national programme by the IVN whereby students have to carry out research (related to nature, recreation, cultural history, communication, marketing) and present their findings to the client/experts. More information about the educational programmes and the options: Linda de Haan, or +31 (0)6-29538640.

Twilhaar Detectives

A GPS voyage of discovery into the past. The students split into groups to look for information about the fascinating area of Twilhaar. They will use a GPS to search for letterboxes dug into the ground. A special key opens the box and reveals the questions and tasks. Preparation in class: 2 hours. Programme at the location. 4 hours. Voluntary school guides lend a helping hand.

Geological learning path

The questions in this booklet correspond to the panels dotted along the geological learning path. This learning path starts at thee Outdoor Centre. The path is marked by wooden posts with a blue tip. Answering the questions will form a better picture of the origins of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Download the task booklet>>>

Jongeren Adviesbureau

The Jongeren Adviesbureau (Young People Advisory Centre) is a national programme by the IVN that is also suitable for the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. Students are given a research assignment, which will eventually culminate in a recommendation (several recommendations). This recommendation is presented to a group of experts. The assignment can be carried out as a class or in smaller groups. More information: Linda de Haan, email, telephone +31 (0)6 29 53 86 40.

A class outing to the Holterberg

Holterberg Nature Museum has long since been a favourite destination for schools. We would like to invite you to visit our creative and educational museum with your students! Special tasks have been developed for all age groups in primary and secondary education. We vary and improve our tasks with each season, both in the Nature Museum and in the Learning Forest, the forest of Daantje Das (Badger). Read more on the museum’s website >>>

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