Holterberg nature reserve is a hilly area that forms part of Sallandse Heuvelrug Nature Reserve. Holterberg’s name is derived from the village of Holten in Overijssel, which lies south of this area. This area borders on Haarlerberg and Noetselerberg to the north. This nature reserve encompasses many heathlands that alternate with (pine) forests. Holterberg is the only place in the Netherlands where the grouse is found.

Holterberg is the most well-known mountain in Sallandse Heuvelrug Nature Reserve. Atop Holterberg, you will find the lively Holterbergplein with various catering outlets, miniature golf, a playground and the Natuurdiorama Holterberg museum with Daantje Das woodlands. The impressive Holten Canadian War Cemetery and information centre is easily accessible from here. Holterberg, with ample parking facilities on top of the mountain, is also the ideal starting point for bicycle and walking excursions.

Natuurmuseum Holterberg

Natuurmuseum Holterberg houses one of the largest collections of European animal species in the Netherlands, with over 1000 animals and birds to admire. Varying from the largest songbird of the Netherlands to the only monkey found in Europe. Natuurmuseum Holterberg has 11 life-size dioramas of animals in natural poses. These dioramas are unique in the Netherlands. There are scouting expeditions through the museum for children and special activities for children during the school holidays. There are also natural play elements in the Daantje Das woodlands. Children and young people can enjoy nature experience excursions.

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