Nature conservation and preservation

Over the coming years, the Province of Overijssel, the Society for the Preservation of Nature and the Dutch Forest Management Agency will work together in the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park on regeneration and expansion of the heathland. A range of measures will ensure that the diversity of plant and animals species on the dry heathland are preserved and enhanced.

Dutch Forest Management Agency

The Dutch Forest Management Agency gives visitors space. The Dutch Forest Management Agency site in The Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park is a surprisingly beautiful area. It boasts tranquil heathland, splendid forests and most of all: tremendous hills. It’s a perfect area for cycling and walking, and even cross-country skiing if there’s snow. Those who visit understand the appeal: the undulating landscape seems made for it. There are quite a few brisk ascents and descents for walkers, but the panoramic views are more than worth the effort. The landscape is rather mystical on quiet, foggy days. Folk tales and legends keep the mystery of Salland alive.

Nature’s secret from the Dutch Forest Management Agency: Twilhaar

“Encounter surprising places between the nature areas, such as Twilhaar. An ancient agricultural area surrounded by nature. It still houses a sheepfold, an old cottage and a shed. There are meadows bordered by trees, where sheep graze. The best part is the view from the sheepfold. A place like this exudes a historic atmosphere.”

The Society for the Preservation of Nature

The Society for the Preservation of Nature manages around 350 nature areas in the Netherlands. The Society for the Preservation of Nature genuinely safeguards nature, its landscapes and associated cultural history by purchasing land and managing it professionally. The society collaborates with many other parties on the expansion of the existing acreage of nature. The value of the work they do is publicised as much as possible. To keep the Netherlands liveable, nature and landscape protection is crucial.

This objective can only be achieved together with members; The society offers people many opportunities to actively get involved in nature and its landscape, and works tirelessly to promote public awareness and support for nature.

The Society for the Preservation of Nature expanded the heathland to provide a larger habitat for black grouse. There is regular peat cutting on the heathland to encourage rejuvenation and create diversity. A varied heathland is a great environment for insects, who in turn are eaten by the black grouse chicks. The rare nightjar, a ground-breeding bird, also benefits from heathland expansion. This part of the area is at its best in August and September, when the calluna vulgaris heather is in bloom. Nature’s secret from the Society for the Preservation of Nature:


“In the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park is home to the Sprengenberg, a large part of which is owned by the Society for the Preservation of Nature. The Sprengenberg is a sprawling nature area with coniferous forest, heathland and farmland. Scottish Highlanders look after the preservation of varied vegetation in the southwest part of the Sprengenberg. The Huis Bergh Society owns the area surrounding the country manor."

This map shows the properties and management areas owned by the nature organisations.

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