Top 6 outdoor activities for kids. Let’s go outside!
Bertine  Kleinjan
Written by Bertine Kleinjan
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Children are not playing outside as often as they used to. What’s so bad about that? A lot, actually! Researchers have long since agreed: Outdoor play is essential for a child’s brain. Nature allows their creativity to rocket. What’s more, there is no pressure to perform like on a sports field, and they also learn to wait. Wait? Yes, computer games are all about instant scores. The outdoors is different and that’s very healthy. So come one, let’s go outside. Where better and easier than on the Sallandse Heuvelrug? There are three outdoor centres with plenty of activities on offer: You will never run out of adventures, hunting for treasures and exploring. There is a small charge for some of these routes. You could also take a tour with a forest ranger. Or pick berries or wherever else your imagination takes you... Parking is free. There are plenty of picnic spots dotted around, and you are spoilt for choice if you want some lunch or even pancakes. There are even more activities to enjoy during school holidays.

Erve de Pas Information Barn

Come and visit Erve de Pas, with a tavern, Information Barn, OERR Nature Play and departure point for a nature tour on De Sprengenberg.

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Daantje Das Forest

Get closer to nature by using your senses. Hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling to discover the adventure of nature, at Holterberg Nature Diorama.

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Sallandse Heuvelrug Outdoor Centre

The Sallandse Rug Outdoor Centre has a wealth of information about the natural surroundings, geology and (cultural) history of this unique area.

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Holterberg Nature Museum

Holterberg Nature Museum has one of the largest collections of European animal species in the Netherlands and showcases more than 1000 animals and birds.

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Dondertman Play Farm

This play farm is home to lots and lots of animals. From chickens, pigs and goats to rabbits and guinea pigs in Cato’s spacious petting house. Sheep and goats are waiting for you on the petting pasture. Feed is available from the Boshuus or from the cash desk.

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Speelbospad (Forest Play Trail)

Nijverdal Outdoor Centre offers a 2-kilometre forest play trail, where you can build dens and visit a badger sett. The forest play trail really makes nature fun for kids.

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Bertine  Kleinjan
Bertine  Kleinjan
Written byBertine Kleinjan

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