Cycling on the Holterberg
Bertine  Kleinjan
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The Holterberg is heaven on earth for cyclists and mountain bikers. The Motieweg is famous or infamous, with a gradient of 10%. Another great challenge is the Grote Koningsbelt at 75 meters high and with an 8% gradient. The top of the ‘Kleine’ (small) Koningsbelt is 72.5 meters above ANP (Ordnance Datum Amsterdam). The Holterberg measures 60 metres. Need we say more?

Lycra not mandatory

Are you not a mountain biker or avid cyclist? It’s good to know that the other hills in the area are a little more cycle-friendly. Just enjoy the ever-changing views from your city bike (no lycra cycling shorts needed). The swathes of heathland really try their best every single year. When the heather is not flowering, the slopes and the angle of the light creates stunning colour hues and shadows.

The return of the wolf

Exciting news: the wolf is expected back on the Holterberg any moment now. You may even spot a deer along the way, grazing at the wood’s edge or sprinting off into the foliage. The fox is timid but not slow. Foxes can reach speeds of up to 60 km per hour - more than enough to keep up with cyclists - but a leisurely pace of about 15 km per hour suits them much better. Foxes are not welcomed by all: they are the natural enemies of the last remaining black grouse in the Netherlands. Badgers are also found here, but they are not active hunters because they are rather lazy. They wake up when you’ve probably already put your feet up after an active day.


There are many amazingly beautiful cycle routes along the Holterberg, with lots of different difficulty levels and distances. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike, hiring one is easy. Bike hire often includes a useful route map.


The ‘Toeristenweg’ is definitely worth a mention. Despite the uninspired name, cyclists and skaters fully enjoy the smooth surface and bends, in combination with the hilly landscape and great views. Please check the opening times before your visit.

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Bertine  Kleinjan
Bertine  Kleinjan
Written byBertine Kleinjan

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