Accessibility and parking

The Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park can be reached from different directions.

Access to the area

The main support centres with parking spaces are: - Main Support Centre Nijverdalseberg (by the Sallandse Heuvelrug Visitor’s Centre, to the north of the area)
- Main Support Centre Holterberg (by Holterberg Nature Museum, to the south of the area)
- Main Support Centre Erve De Pas (by Haarle, to the west of the area) The Support Centres with parking places are located at:
- Support Centre Noetsele (Noetselerberg, to the east) The following local support centres also have car parking and walking or cycling departure points:
- local support centre Helhuizen (Helhuizerweg, to the west)
- local support centre Zuidbroek (Bathemerweg, to the west)
- local support centre Numendal (to the south)
- local support centre on Holterberg day recreation site (Dutch Forest Management Agency campsite)


Where should I start my visit? Where are the toilets and where can I walk my dog? Where are the best sights and most beautiful spots according to our guests?


Waar start ik mijn bezoek? Waar zijn toiletten en kan ik lopen met de hond? Wat zijn bezienswaardigheden en waar kan ik informatie vinden?

Vind alle informatie op de kaart

Disabled visitors

There is a special parking facility for disabled people and permitholders at local support centre Noetselerberg (viewpoint). Visitors over 65 years of age are also allowed to park here, with a permit. There are two types of permits: a day permit and an annual permit. Click here for more information about these permits and how to get one. More information about accessibility for people with mobility problems >>>

Toeristenweg opening times

The Toeristenweg is a route along the Sallandse Heuvelrug, from Nijverdal to Holten and vice versa. But please be aware! This route is not always open. Between 16 March and 1 November, the Toeristenweg is open from 09:00 until 21:00. It is open from 09:00 until 17:00 for the rest of the year.

Public transport

The National Park is easy to reach by public transport, such as by train (stations in Nijverdal and Holten). Nijverdal Station on the Zwolle-Enschede route or Holten Station on the Deventer-Enschede route. Work out the correct route from your address to the National Park on

Sallandse Heuvelrug departure points for walking routes

How long are the routes? Is there anywhere dogs are not permitted? Which routes are Buggy-friendly? This overview tells you all you need to know.

Startpunten wandelen Sallandse Heuvelrug

Welke afstanden kan ik afleggen? Waar zijn honden verboden? Waar is een Buggy toegankelijk? Dit en meer vind je op dit wandeloverzicht.

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