Top 11 outdoor sports events: your bucket list!
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The Sallandse Heuvelrug is the ultimate outdoors sports region in the Netherlands. Jam-packed with outdoor events and adrenaline kicks for seasoned sportspeople and nature enthusiasts. Rugged, exciting and unpolished. Ground-breaking, too. The fast, demanding routes - with impressive height differences - alternate between dark pine forests, undulating fields of heather and challenging sand drifts. The route has seen its fair share of joggers, mountain bikers, climbers, runners and freeriders. They keep coming back to the Sallandse Heuvelrug, at least once a year, for one of the large annual events. With various distances, exciting obstacles and ever faster times. Bring your family and friends, everyone will have a great time! The events are just as fun for spectators as they are for participants. So: Have you got a competitive streak? Do you want to explore your limits and are you not afraid of a little mud? Then head to the Sallandse Heuvelrug. See below for a list of all the must-do’s:


This year marks the 23rd edition of the Ravijnloop. A race for young and old, with a special kidsrun too.

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Regge Survival

The Regge Survival has grown a lot in a short time: it is now a hugely well-known event. This survival event draws crowds from far beyond Nijverdal.

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Sans Goldrush Survivalrace

Survival racing is a challenging mix of the Survival Run and Adventure Racing. The basic elements of both sports (obstacle course running and map/compass navigation) make up the ingredients of this exhilarating multi-sport event.

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Sans Online Diepe Hel Night Run

Excitement, Atmosphere & Sport are in perfect balance during Diepe Hel Holterbergloop Night Run on Saturday 26 October 2019.

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Santa Run

Sunday 22 December will see the most amazing winter event in Nijverdal centre: the first edition of the famous Rotary Santa Run

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The eighth SallandTrail will take place on Saturday 14 March. This tough nature run has routes of 25, 50, and even 75 km. The SallandTrail is a recreational running event, with about 1000 runners expected to take part this year.

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Dutch Masters of MTB

Dutch Masters of MTB: the ultimate 200-kilometre challenge for every mountain biker and cyclo-crosser!

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The Haarle Youth Council Foundation is honoured to organise the Haarlerbergloop. Another exciting running event to look forward to, thanks to a large number of volunteers and several landowners near and on the Sallandse Heuvelrug.

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Diepe Hel Holterbergloop

There is not a single race in the Netherlands like the Diepe Hel Holterbergloop with beautiful surroundings and an challenging route.

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DRW Run Bike Run

The DRW Run Bike Run across the magnificent ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’ in Nijverdal will take place on Sunday 3 November 2019. This is the 19th time we have organised this event, under the auspices of the NTB.

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Wilgenweard Nightbike Experience

Make your way through the dark forest with no more than your headlight beam to guide you. The reflectors mark your route... Take part in the Wilgenweard Nightbike Experience and relish in this special experience of mountain biking in the dark.

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Bertine  Kleinjan
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