Participation & contact

The Dutch Forest Management Agency and the Society for the Preservation of Nature are carrying out remedial measures on behalf of the Province of Overijssel. We are in dialogue with users and local residents about the exact structure of activities.

Zunasche Heide

Thanks to the new layout of the area, new recreational opportunities have also opened up on the Zunasche Heide. We are in discussion with the local residents to find out what their wishes are, and we investigate whether these will suit the new layout as a whole. The Dutch Forest Management Agency is currently in talks with neighbours involved, landowners and other stakeholders. For more information, go to ‘measures for Zuna’.

Helhuizen / Onderduikershut

The area around Helhuizen, the car park at the Haarleweg and the Onderduikershut (a cabin for people in hiding during the war) will also change as part of the measures. The task is clear: to open up the area by removing a large part of the forest on this side. We would like to consult stakeholders on the specifics of this measure.

Over several meetings and kitchen table talks with a group of neighbours, users and stakeholders, agreements have been made about: • The car park at the Haarlerweg. The group indicated they did not want the car park at the Haarlerweg to be moved, as they fear people would start parking along the road. For this reason, the car park will not be moved. The old oak trees between the car park and the farmland will remain. The Dutch Forest Management Agency will also put a picnic table here.
• Outer edge of the forested area. Direct neighbours will see a change to the views from their homes: there will be a much more open area where the forest used to be. Although there is to be an open connection between the heathland and the surrounding farmland, it is possible for several trees to remain. This will still achieve an open connection between the farmland and surrounding land, but the view from the houses will be different than if all trees on this side were to be removed. Direct neighbours are involved in marking trees that are to remain.
• Area directly surrounding the Onderduikershut. The Onderduikershut offered a safe refuge to allied pilots and those hiding during the war (during 1943-1945). It is undisputable that this historic building will remain. However, its direct vicinity will change, due to the felling of the surrounding forest. Stakeholders helped to consider how we can fit this special cabin into the new layout, for instance by leaving part of the forest around the cabin and creating a path to the Onderduikershut.

All agreements are incorporated in a drawing of the future layout.

Impact on recreational routes

We would like to take a close look at the recreational routes on the Sallandse Heuvelrug, with the help of a broad representation. A number of places will see a change of how the area is perceived and enjoyed, for instance where the forest is replaced with heathland. We are keen to work with users of the area to see how we can boost the user experience, for instance by diverting routes in certain places, or by adding recreational facilities.

Share your opinion online!

You can participate in the process that affects the entire Sallandse Heuvelrug, through the ‘Echt Salland’ online platform. If you register for the Echt Salland online panel, you will receive a questionnaire about a certain topic once a month. After every questionnaire, you will receive feedback on the results. Not only that, we will also announce immediately how those results are used. This is the strength of Echt Salland. Would you like to take part in our thought process? Take a look at watch the introduction video with forest rangers Ine and Kees Jan here.


Do you have any questions, worries or comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Dutch Forest Management Agency Forest Ranger Ine Nijveld E-mail: Telephone number: +31 (0)653283104

The Society for the Preservation of Nature Forest Ranger Jos Schouten E-mail: Telephone number: +31 (0)6-54295249

Information sessions and excursions

The Dutch Forest Management Agency and the Society for the Preservation of Nature organise regular information sessions to keep you up to date.

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