Wierdense Veld

You can see just how vast the landscape is from the look-out tower behind the sheep pen. And consider that we are only seeing a small part of what was once a high peat moor, of which Engbertdijksvenen is also part. An immense wet and swampy area between Sallandse Heuvelrug and the lower push moraines of Wierden and Hoge Hexel.

Wierdense Veld is an area with a living peat moor and is unique because of the marsh rosemary that grows there, the smooth snake and the crane. But if you go walking there, you also see many other unique plants and animals. You may even encounter the herd of sheep that Landschap Overijssel uses to manage the heath.

Wierdense Veld is so unique, it has been designated a Natura 2000 area by the European Commission. The peacefulness, vastness and unique plants and animals make Wierdense Veld an absolute must for nature lovers and definitely worth a visit!

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