Wierden and Enter are exceptionally appealing to people, plants and animals and offer the recreational visitor countless options for a delightful day out! There are plenty of cycling and walking routes in Reggedal. For example, the 'smaak' (culinary) and 'vermaak Notter-Zuna' (entertainment) cycling routes . There are numerous options for exploring the area from the water for a different perspective. Hire a Cano or whisper boat, or hop aboard an Enterse Zomp (a flat-bottomed barge).


Wierden is easily accessible by car and train and is situated very centrally between two push moraines. On one hand, you can enjoy the woodlands of Sallandse Heuvelrug, and on the other, the peace and space of the push moraines of Twente. Walking and cycling? The loveliest walking, mountain biking and cycling routes await you. For example, around Wierdense Veld, an exceptionally panoramic nature reserve with (grassified) heathland and a peat moor, managed by Landschap Overijssel.


Enter is a delightful little village on the Regge River. Over a hundred clog makers worked in Enter at one time. Their products were transported across the whole country in flat-bottomed barges known as "zompen". In summer, clog makers demonstrate how they still master the old craft. Skippers take guests on sailing excursions in an authentic “zomp” starting at the "Enterse Waarf". You get a good idea of the history at the Klompen- en Zompenmuseum (clog and flat-bottomed boat museum) and the Oudheidkamer “Buisjan” museum of antiquities. For more information about Wierden-Enter, visit wierden-enterinfo.nl.

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