An area everyone agrees has not been spoiled by urbanisation and mass tourism. Where the varied Twente landscape has dominated for centuries. Where the fragrance of freshly mowed grass conjures up happy memories of long gone summers. And where you can still enjoy the congenial atmosphere of Twente at your leisure. Not discovered it yet? Then it is high time!!!

You can still experience the “authentic” peacefulness of the countryside here, as well as wonderfully varied natural surroundings with little gems like Eerder Achterbroek, a gorgeous walking and cycling area, Zandstuvebos, and the unique “Engbertsdijksvenen” high peat moor, which is very highly rated in Europe and offers exceptional walking. Twenterand offers the independent tourist, as well as groups, a wide array of accommodation and recreation options in an area with a large number of cycling, walking and horseback riding routes.

Many sports events are also hosted here, so…..come and experience the authenticity of Twenterand!

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