Hollands Schwarzwald

The Rijssen area is known as the Hollands Schwarzwald, the “Black Forest of Holland”. Anyone who has visited the original Black Forest will understand. Semi-concealed roads and romantic paths meander beneath imposing, metres-high broadleaf trees with their expansive crowns virtually knotted together. This is a true paradise for nature lovers, walkers and cyclists.

Hollands Schwarzwald nature reserve, which was established during World War I under the auspices of providing employment, is situated along the southern boundary of Rijssen. Various stone ovens once stood here. About a hundred years ago, there were fifteen brickyards in Rijssen, all of which used a narrow-gauge railway to transport clay from the stone quarries to the brickyards. This 'Rijssens Leemspoor' peat railway has been restored to its former glory from Sportpark De Koerbelt. It is lovely to walk across the hilly terrain, especially to the west of Markeloseweg. On the other side, you walk in the direction of the Rijssens Museum, situated on the Oosterhof estate.

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