De Borkeld

Borkeld nature reserve (Markelo) is around 600 hectares in size and consists of young forest, large heathlands, loam pits, fields, grasslands and even a stretch of high peat moor.

The forests were planted between 1930 and 1950. The largest juniper scrub in the Netherlands can be found here too. The terrain is hilly; the tallest peak of Friezenberg is 40 metres high and the lowest point is 13 metres above sea level. Borkeld is also an archaeological reserve. Hunter-gatherers were active here 13,000 years ago. They left behind evidence in the form of axes, fleshers and other stone implements. The prehistoric burial mounds and settlements found here are between 6,000 and 4,000 years old.

Walking, cycling and horseback riding are great ways to explore Borkeld. The 5km Borkeld walking route is signposted in blue and takes you through woods and heathlands. Half-way along the route, there is a spectacular view across Elsenerveen. The 3.5 kilometre Friezenberg walking route is signposted and runs along the highest as well as the lowest point of Friezenberg and Elsenerveen. There is a 180 metre-long duckboard path through the peat moor, from which visitors have a lovely view of the area.  

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