Boetelerveld nature reserve is an oasis of peace amidst a farming community. Thanks to the peacefulness and the unique plants and animals found here, Boetelerveld is a must for nature lovers and certainly worth a visit!

Boetelerveld is a nature reserve in the hamlet of Boetele in the municipality of Raalte. The nature reserve is 170 hectares in size. The area used to belong to the Schoonheten estate and was due to be developed in 1953. However, after the floods in Zeeland, all available resources were diverted there. There was no longer any equipment or manpower available to develop Boetelerveld. This unique stretch of wet heathland was therefore preserved.

Boetelerveld is such a unique area of natural beauty, it has been designated a Natura 2000 area by the European Commission. One of the reasons Boetelerveld is so special is because of the bog gentian that grows here and the great crested newt found here. But you will also see many other little gems of nature when you go walking.

Extraordinary Boetelerveld

Boetelerveld is a scenic and varied area known for its peacefulness and natural beauty. There are stark variations in groundwater levels here because of the clay in the ground. This attracts unique plants and animals. Over a third of Boetelerveld comprises wet and humid heathlands. Unique plants, such as the bog gentian and oblong-leaved sundew, grow between the heather. There are forests here too, with rugged pines in unusual natural shapes.

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