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13 November 2020: Trees (the Society for the Preservation of Nature)

Trees come in all types, sizes, heights and thicknesses. But how can you recognise a tree? What is the function of a tree? We will use this afternoon to feel, smell and investigate trees. We will look for the leaves and the seeds/nuts that have fallen on the ground. Afterwards, we there is a nice indoor activity.

11 December 2020: Owls (the Dutch Forest Management Agency)

Owls on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. The forests on the Sallandse Heuvelrug are home to owls, including the tawny owl and the long-eared owl. But how do we know? Sometimes, you might find a feather or an owl pellet. We will pull apart a few pellets, to see what the owl has eaten. We will also watch a short film about owls and at the end of the afternoon we will go outside to listen out for owls. December is a great time for hearing owls calling each other!

8 January 2020: Holterberg Nature Museum

Info to follow.

12 February 2020: Nature photography (IVN)

First, we will go though some theory of photography, especially about how to achieve the best nature photos. Of course we will also be taking photos ourselves, and the theme will be “Is nature sleeping?”. You can bring your own mobile phone with camera or an actual camera if you have one, but you can also borrow a camera here. Please let us know when you register. We might even have time at the end of the afternoon to look at each other’s photos.

11 March 2020: Moon (Observatory)

Did you know that days and nights on the moon are about two weeks long and that’s why the days are very hot and the night are very cold? How big is the moon and how high can you jump on the moon? This and other facts about the moon will be revealed.

8 April 2020: Edible plants (IVN)

If you think about eating plants, you probably think of vegetables on your plate. But plants in the nature around you can also be edible and they even taste good! We will go on a tour of plant discovery. 13 May 2020: Ice Age (the Dutch Forest Management Agency) The giant of Salland. Do you know the Ice Age film and the story of the Salland giant? Legend goes that the giant threw down a sack of sand, and that is how the Sallandse Heuvelrug came to be. Or was it actually the massive glacier that created a large ‘mountain’ of sand in the landscape? We will search for traces of the ice age together, such as sand, stones, mountains and valleys. There are lots of ‘play tasks’ outside and information about the ice ages, stones on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Looking for stones, identifying, sieving sand.

10 June 2020: Tracks (The Society for the Preservation of Nature)

Brother and sister day! Younger children (from 6 years of age) are also welcome to join in today. You probably know what your own footprint in the mud looks like, but which animal has made these tracks? There are many tracks to be discovered in nature, such as paw prints, excrement, feathers, half-eaten pinecones and pellets. They give clues about which animals live here, what they eat or where they live. Track maps and a magnifying pot in our bags and off we go, looking for tracks in nature.

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