Gnome Trail
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Did you know that gnomes live around here? At least we think so, because you see gnome tracks everywhere. Little footprints in the sand, wheel tracks from a wheelbarrow, crushed grass from an afternoon nap. And you'll also see the occasional gnome dropping. Really!

Gnomes usually live in holes in the ground or in a hollow tree. But sometimes in an abandoned shed or a hut built of branches. Gnome men and gnome women are very kind and, of course, fond of their gnome children. They are very industrious and helpful and busy all day long. What to do. If you walk the gnome trail you will find out. Don't forget to look for gnome tracks along the way! And with a bit of luck you'll meet a real gnome....

Outdoor center Sallandse Heuvelrug

At Buitencentrum Sallandse Heuvelrug of Staatsbosbeheer, a knapsack filled with goodies awaits you. With a pointed hat on and your cheeks painted red you and your parents walk a route of 500 to 1500 meters. Along the way you will listen to a story from the gnome book and do gnome tasks. Use the bead necklace to find the color of the next trail post. Afterwards you may take home the pointed hat.

Do you see that wooden gnome standing outside? He'll show you the way. Have fun!

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