4 nice winter walks
Bertine  Kleinjan
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Shh... winter in the woods... A winter’s morning on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Maybe with a thin layer of frost to adorn the branches. It is quiet. Serene. Especially when snow has fallen through the night. No birds chirping, no frogs ribbiting as usual. Maybe just the rustling of a small bottom-dweller between frozen leaves. Boring? Quite the opposite: winter is the most surprising season of all. Have you ever come eye to eye with a deer? The experience will make your day. The tranquil vistas undisturbed, save for maybe a sprinting hare. There is a good chance you might spot a bird of prey nest between the bare branches. Listen to the woodpecker. Blissfully unperturbed about winter. Below are our favourite cosy winter walks, with the best places to warm up by the fire, and the most splendid hills for sledging. Don’t forget to bring your hat. Throw on a scarf and hurry outside!

Midwinter horn playing on the Sprengenberg

Midwinter horn playing is an ancient tradition. The horn is allowed to be played from the first Sunday of Advent until 6 January, the Christian feast of Epiphany.

Midwinter walk

Take a revitalising New Year’s walk accompanied by atmospheric midwinter horn sounds. The Haarlese Midwinterhoorngroep closes the playing season on De Sprengenberg on Sunday 5 January.

Winter Fair

Halfway through December, on Sunday 15th, the traditional winter fair is back to delight you! Lots of wintery ambiance, with a large market, a variety of performances and fun for children.

Winter walk

Finish the year with a brisk winter walk and a hearty ‘stamppot’ (a traditional Dutch dish). Start your New Year’s resolutions early and take part in the walk on 28 December on the Holterberg. We are hoping for beautiful white scenery, but unfortunately we cannot give you a ‘snow guarantee’.

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Bertine  Kleinjan
Bertine  Kleinjan
Written byBertine Kleinjan

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